The main goal of PTRC is to conduct fundamental and applied research projects relevant to various branches of peptide and protein sciences, including:

  • New technologies for the production, quality control and application of pharmaceutical and nutritional peptides and proteins,
  • Chemical synthesis, production and extraction of peptides and protein from natural resources, design and engineering of novel polypeptide molecules,
  • Promotion of quality and improvement of peptide and protein production procedures, in laboratory, semi-industrial and industrial scales,
  • Identification, analysis and quality control of peptide and protein pharmaceutical products, investigation into the structure and function of macromolecules and their interactions with other molecules,
  • Application of bio/nanotechnology, computer sciences and information technology and their combination with corresponding peptide and protein sciences including the design of novel diagnostic and therapeutic systems,
  • Investigation into the production of bio-similars and evaluation of their clinical efficiencies,
  • Application of bio-macromolecules with the aim of promotion in safety, health and improvement of life style.
  • Design and development of affinity ligands including oligonucleotide aptamers for peptide and protein goals.